Where to Buy Turbo Fire – Tips and a Turbo Fire Scam Warning

Buy Turbo FireIf you’re considering whether or not to buy Turbo Fire or where to purchase this popular home fitness program from, read on. The Turbo Fire Workout was created by Chalene Johnson as a third installment to her Turbo series. Johnson has been working with Beachbody since 1998 to produce exciting and innovative at home exercise DVDs that inspire the masses to be active. Johnson’s Turbo Fire specifically is a high intensity interval training program that utilizes the cardio aspects of both dance and kickboxing. Because this is a high intensity interval training program it means that the typical exercise period is shorter in duration, but it is packed with medium intensity movements and bursts of high intensity maneuvers. This creates an extreme level of fat burn.

The 10 DVD Turbo Fire program is said to help consumers burn up to 9x the fat in a shorter period of time in comparison to a traditional cardiovascular training program. The Turbo Fire program also comes with a workout guide that details which DVDs should be completed during the week so consumers can keep on track with their fitness goal. In addition to this a nutritional guide is included which outlines what types of meals should be eaten and how often in order to gain maximum results.

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How to Buy Turbo Fire

The Turbo Fire workout program, which first came out in 2010, has gained in popularity amongst at home fitness enthusiast since its debut. Chalene Johnson along with Beachbody’s marketing of this impressive HIIT workout program has made Turbo Fire one of Beachbody’s top selling workout programs. Johnson is no stranger to talking up her workout DVD programs and has been frequently seen on QVC and E! getting the word out about Turbo Fire.

Being a Beachbody product, Turbo Fire is not available for purchase in retail stores. The main way in which potential buyers can order Turbo Fire and have it delivered swiftly to their door, which is via the secure online checkout on Beachbody’s website.

A Turbo Fire Scam Warning

If you’re tempted by some of the low-priced Turbo Fire programs being sold on eBay and Craigslist, don’t be. There has been a significant problem with illegal, bootlegged copies of Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Fire workout being sold online — and many unsuspecting customers have been lured by too-good-to-be-true pricing and been ripped off in the process.

If you’re thinking about purchasing Turbo Fire, be sure to order it directly from Beachbody’s official online store. This is the only way to 100% guarantee that you’ll receive a legitimate copy of the workout.

Beachbody’s Reputation as an Online Retailer

As we’ve discussed in our Turbo Fire reviews, the Beachbody brand is behind the multitude of top selling at home fitness products that have swept the nation. These most notable Beachbody sellers are Turbo Fire and P90X, among others. Ever since 1998 the Beachbody brand has steadily built itself up on a platform of integrity, quality, customer satisfaction, and a genuine enthusiasm for fitness.

Since Beachbody first set up their website they have successfully satisfied their millions of customers with a state of the art secure checkout system. In addition to this, Beachbody has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a rating that only the most respectable businesses have.

The Turbo Fire Workout Money Back Guarantee

Beachbody offers a money back guarantee on all of their products. Usually this is a 30-day no hassle guarantee, but with certain products, such as the Turbo Fire workout program Beachbody extends this to a 90-day money back guarantees to ensure that customers have the opportunity to take full advantage of the product first and then decide how satisfied they are. If a customer is displeased with Turbo Fire, Beachbody will refund the buyer less the shipping and handling fees.

While other similar at home fitness companies may be non-committal to any type of money back guarantee, Beachbody is fully committed to providing customers an all over great experience. Customer satisfaction is high on Beachbody’s list of business standards that is why they offer a flexible money guarantee program. Beyond this, Beachbody has a transparent website that potential customers can visit and read user community boards and view real product reviews.

Customer Service Contact at Beachbody

Beachbody’s website also maintains a section devoted to customer service. This area of the website includes a frequently asked question (FAQ) list to assist customers with common inquiries. Customers can also add to this list by posing their own unique question which a customer service representative will answer and post to the FAQ section. Furthermore, if you need to speak with a Beachbody customer service representative there is no need to pick up a phone and wait for a prolonged period of time to be serviced or wait until business hours to have your inquiry answered. Beachbody offers 24-7 customer support through their online customer service department. With this any dilemma you are having can be taken care of in an immediate manner.

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